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Choosing Locations

In the last article we talked about how to take your first family portrait  This time I want to discuss scouting locations for future photo-sessions.  One of the greatest things about being an on-location photographer is that your potential backgrounds are endless.  You can choose an urban setting, park, beach, modern buildings and even historic buildings.  You can’t replicate these backgrounds in a studio no matter how many backdrops you might have.  Not to mention you are able to save on over head costs.

wooded area for family photosIf you plan to make this a profession at any point in the future there is some “intelligence gathering” that needs to take place.  You need to have a good portfolio of potential locations to hold sessions.  This will make matching the look & feel your client is going for much easier.

The best way to go about this is to take your camera and a note pad and drive around local cities looking for scenery that jumps out at you.  You can spend as much time as you would like doing this but one or two times a month should be plenty.

When you come across a location that jumps out at you just pull over and walk around.  Check your surroundings and potential hurdles of photographing a family in that location.  Is the location really open?  Are there a bunch of unwanted objects surrounding the location?  How is the light falling during that particular time of day?  All of these things can be important when deciding whether or not to add it to your location portfolio.  Always take several photos in a panoramic manner so you have a visual reference.  You can either save these images on your computer or you can place them in a photo album.  Whichever you choose make sure to label the location and what time of day you visited.  After a few months of doing this you should have a pretty wide location portfolio to start with.  As you begin getting paying clients you will gain more motivation to continue expanding your portfolio.  Make sure you come back to check out the next article.  See you next time!

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